Suction benches
Suction benches are the ideal solution for removing fumes and dust produced by the welding or grinding of small parts that can be processed on the bench itself. The key characteristics of our suction benches are their ability to aspirate fumes from the work top and from the back and side walls, the ability of the worktop to support even heavy loads, and the possibility of removing the side walls to handle larger parts.

• Body in robust 20/10 galvanised pressed sheet, assembled with galvanised bolts.

• Removable work top in robust pressed sheet profiles, finished in black, anti-glare epoxy resin.

• Removable drawers for simple discharge of heavy particles and waste.

• Back and side suction walls made from galvanised sheet profiles finished in black, anti-glare epoxy resin.

• Double suction electric fan complete with drive, belts, pulleys and motor, IP 55 protection rating, powerful enough to ensure the necessary air flow.

• Series of removable filters in metal mesh for removing larger particles and sparks.
Suction benches

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