Vertical cartridge filters
These filters comprise a top section containing the filter media, a side chamber that facilitates the deposit of the heavier dust particles, and an air tank with full immersion solenoid valves.
The solenoid valves release jets of air at high pressure through blower tubes to backwash the cartridge.

At the bottom of the filter unit is a dust collection hopper with a gearmotor driven discharge screw. Efficient filtration is ensured by the use of BIA certified antistatic polyester cartridges. These have a maximum penetration of < 0.1% tested with quartz dust at a concentration of 200 mg/m3, when 90% of particle dimensions lie between 0.2 and 2 mm.

The cartridge cleaning sequence is determined by a control unit and a differential pressure switch. This detects the pressure differential between the inside and outside of the filter media and signals the level of blockage.
This system allows cleaning cycles to be run automatically at a predefined blockage threshold, avoiding the consumption of compressed air when not needed. A post-cleaning system can also be programmed to perform a fixed number of cleaning cycles when the extraction system is shut down to ensure maximum efficiency on system start-up.

Machine body
Load bearing frame in pressed "U" profiles and self-supporting electro-welded tube. External panelling in 30/10 pressed sheet.
The body comes hot galvanised or finished in epoxy powder paint in RAL colours.

Filter access doors are located in the front of the filter body. The filter body is designed to permit various safety systems to be installed (venting systems, suppressors, etc.) wherever there may be a risk of explosion (ATEX standard).
Filtro vertical cartridge filters 1
Filter for paint pigments, municipality of Montecchio (VERONA)

Filtro vertical cartridge filters 2
Filter for paint pigments, municipality of Romano d'Ezzelino (VICENZA)

Filtro vertical cartridge filters 3
Filter for paint pigments, municipality of Romano d'Ezzelino (VICENZA)

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