Bag filters
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Pneumatic bag filters
Our pneumatic backwash bag filters comprise a frame with thick tubular or pressed profile legs, modular panelling assembled by sealed bolts, a bottom discharge hopper with separate tank, a discharge screw and a star valve.

• The material used is hot galvanised, or can be painted in request.
• Filter bags in cotton, polyester felt, etc. complete with galvanised baskets with snap ring quick fitting system.
• Compressed air accumulator with solenoid valves and blower tubes.
• Solenoid valve control unit complete with differential pressure economiser.
• Water medium fire prevention system with bimetallic sensor sprinklers.
• Fire alarm thermofuse.

The filter body is designed to permit various safety systems to be installed (venting systems, suppressors, etc.) wherever there may be a risk of explosion (ATEX standard).
Filters bag filters pneumatici
Filter for waste disposal dust with active carbon cell, Marghera, Venice
Filters bag filters pneumatici
Filter for waste disposal dust, Turin

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